Spring Florals – Laura Ashley 

Spring Florals

It’s finally here.. after winter comes the inevitable Spring- My favourite season. January was all about decluttering , February was the month of the ‘deep clean’ and for me, March is all about flowers! The nights are longer, the mornings are brighter and buds have been appearing everywhere . I have to be honest, I have florals around my home all year round, I’m a massive fan, but I love adding them to my home even more so at this time of year.

Florals bring a fresh change from the Christmas decorations , the gloomy January and February blues and of course those dark nights and mornings . Laura Ashley has brought out their new spring summer range and I’m in love.. especially the Floral Hertiage selection . The range focuses on Florals , pinks (especially the new grapefruit tone) , garden birds, butterflies and beautiful artificial flower arrangements that look so true to form.



I do love fresh flowers in my home but with a two year old and my second due in a matter of days, these beautiful silk flowers brighten up the house so much and are a lot less maintenance… Isn’t this hydrangea arrangement just perfect sitting on our Laura Ashley villandry amethyst footstool in our front room?

What’s even better about this beautiful arrangement is that it can stay put when the fire is lit and I don’t have to worry about them wilting! The beautiful pink peony arrangement is next on my Laura Ashley wish list for my kitchen area… where do I stop? I think you will agree there are so many beautiful floral inspired pieces in this collection that will fit any home, so even though spring may bring quite a bit of rain and as you patiently await your garden to bloom .. your home can be bright and beautiful with a few simple floral accessories.

Not only do I love interiors and decorating my home through the year, my other passion is baking .. cakes mostly, and of course eating them! Gone are the fruit cakes and stodgy winter treats and out comes my favourite of all .. the light, fluffy, sweet & simple sponge cake..served with fresh berries and whipped cream of course! On occasion I’ll add some lemon zest and make a lemon drizzle cake or whip up some frosting and make mini cupcakes.. the options are endless with a good sponge cake recipe.

Now I’m not going to share a sponge cake recipe with you all as that’s a little boring but sticking with my floral theme I thought I would share how I make these sugar coated flowers with you, which add a touch of Spring to even the most simple of cakes . Hope you enjoy .. decorating a cake I think is almost as good as eating it .. Almost! Laura-Ann xx


egg whites

sugar (regular, colored or superfine)

A small paint brush.

Step 1

Dip the brush into the egg whites. Holding the flower just under the flower head, lightly brush egg white onto each petal and all other parts onto which you want the sugar to adhere. Don’t use too much egg white or the petals will become heavy and droop.

Step 2:

Hold the flower over a plate and sprinkle the sugar on it. Recycle the excess sugar that falls onto the plate as it collects.

Step 3:

Place each flower onto a flat surface, such as a baking sheet. Allow the flowers to dry, for about 24 hours

Laura-Ann xx

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