MY VQ ( Well Bertie’s Actually)

We are guilty of having the TV on a little too much in our house. When we go downstairs in the morning its the first thing Bertie asks for.. and as much as I hate the backround noise of  CBeebie’s – it keeps him happy and I’m able to get the breakfast ready in peace.

My Vq Is a British brand that I have followed and admired for some time, their radios are simply stunning…. Especially their collaboration range with one of my favourite designers, Emma Bridgewater.

They have now brought out a kids retro mini range for both girls ( Dancing Mice)  and boys ( Men at work).

Bertie loves a boogie, and so do I if I’m honest. He also loves diggers and tractors ( Don’t they all ) , so when I seen My Vq’s new  Emma Bridgewater ‘Men at work’ Retro mini digital radio.. I knew it was the one for us.

I can honestly say this radio has brought about a lifestyle change for our family.. a very positive one too. Now when are sitting down for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner we no longer have the TV on in the background ( such a bad habit isn’t it ). Now it’s purposely turned off and we have our VQ radio playing instead.. and we are converted.

As a newbie to the world of digital radio I cant believe what all i’ve been missing out on. For starters there is an actual kids radio channel- who knew?! Bertie loves listening and learning new songs and having a dance.

I have also found my new personal favourite- Kiss FM!!  ( I must remember it’s Bertie’s radio not mine .. but he’s partial to a bit of R & B every now and again too thankfully) There is also the addition of Bluetooth which is brilliant for playing all our favourites on demand from my iPhone.

The radio is portable too so we can bring it out in the garden with us during the summer and its also been on a trip to the beach already and survived unscathed! Bertie just loves that its his radio , and I’m slightly jealous to be honest.. I have truly fell in love with it and the world of digital radio with all these new stations.

Bertie has his in his room beside his grow clock and when its ‘Morning time’ the first thing he does is switch it on and has a boogie with his teddy and shouts for us to come in and join. There is an alarm system built in too but we certainly don’t need it just yet.. but that time will come.

I cant believe how much this little radio has made a difference to our routines and its so lovely all of us watching less TV. I’m now dreaming of one that would sit perfectly with our kitchen/living/dining décor downstairs so Bertie can keep his in his room ( well it was his to start with .. I have kind of stolen it)  ….. Aren’t these just all gorgeous… which one do you think suits best?!

Check them out at and get 20% off any of the range with code PRETTY20


Laura-Ann x

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