Lazy Sundays ( With Joules)

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday? Okay, Saturday’s are pretty great too. But Sunday’s are the one day per week when laziness is actually encouraged.

By lazy, I don’t mean lie in. We have two little boys. Bertie is 2 and George is 8 months and they are both early risers.  Lazy Sundays for us are all about pyjamas… until at least 11.

Monday- Saturday we are constantly in a rush in the morning, be it for the daily commute, nursery, meet ups or swimming lessons, we always have an action packed schedule that has us frantic in the mornings. Sundays however, we have no plans. The morning is ours and its my favourite day of the week for that reason.

Bertie wakes around 7am and pops into our bed with copious amounts of teddy bear’s that he has handpicked for us. I have to admit, comfortable bedding and nightwear do make the early start much more manageable.  Shortly after I will hear George and bring him in too. Until recently we had a double bed but with a growing brood we opted to make the jump to the super-king.. Just enough room for the four of us and all those teddy’s. I am a big fan of colour in our home and love the joules bedding range for that reason, bright bold pops of colour add a fresh, light appeal and brightens up even the darkest of mornings.

With the mornings getting colder, Chris usually pops downstairs and sets the stove. I take the boys into Bertie’s room and we read a few books and they have a little play together while I make the beds and pop my slippers and dressing gown on.

This idelwhile fleeced lined dressing gown is worth getting out of bed for.. super cosy, soft and stylish, I’m loving the current ski dog designs for winter.

Who says pom pops are just for hats? I fell in love with these pom pom ballet slippers as soon as I set eye on them. Soft , comfortable and with a big fluffy blue pom pom on top … whats not to love?

Downstairs its time for a cuppa ( coffee of course) while the boys get some toys out. I cook during the week so Sundays Chris gets the breakfast ready while I have a little time out in front of the stove watching the boys ( told you it was my favourite day didn’t I ? ) .

I set our breakfast table out the night before. it’s always so easy to skip breakfast and just sort the boys on the go nibble some toast in front of the TV. So I always set the table before going to bed to make sure we have no excuse. Sunday is no different, apart from a few rather fetching egg cups that is. Egg Solders on toast is our breakfast of choice on a Sunday and these Dippy egg cups and matching plates brighten our table. Such fun prints they add a vibrant splash of colour and they pretty much match my pyjamas too.. Twining is winning.

Lazy Sundays also include naps, so late morning,George after all his crawling and exploring will eventually drift off to the land of nod and Bertie will pop out with Daddy for the mornings papers.

This gives me time to prep our traditional Sunday dinner and get the roast in the oven.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

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