Halloween Wreath

Yes I know, I already made an Autumn wreath… Which is why I’ve named this one a Halloween wreath instead ( cheeky eh?) ! I popped this tutorial on my Instagram stories as I didn’t want to overload my blog with wreath tutorials.. HOWEVER as you may already know… instgram stories only last 24 hours.

So I’ve had quite a lot of requests to pop this on the blog, as a lot of people missed it. so back by popular demand..here’s another Autumn wreath.

Step 1 :

Gather your props and soak your oasis in water

Step 2:

Add the twigs and leaves in no particular order ( it will look messy ) .. make sure you have lots of different colours and put them all in the same circular direction.

Step 3:

Wrap twine round and round the wreath ( don’t worry the twine will be hid later ) .. this tidies up the overall shape.

Step 4:

Start adding your decorative pieces. I decided to paint a few twigs in Burgundy and orange and added these piece by piece

Step 5:

I sprayed a few random leaves with gold spray paint and popped these in

Step 6:

Finally I added some Blooms that were going a little tired in the house and some mini pumpkins.

Add some twine to hang it up and your done!

Lots of people have sent me their versions which I love to see.. please do tag or send me pictures.. I absolutely love seeing them!

Laura-Ann x


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