George’s Nursery

Baby number two is slightly different isn’t it. You don’t get as much time to prepare or even think about it as the Toddler demands most of your attention ( especially as we approached the terrible two’s) so your pregnancy practically flies in. With our first child (Bertie) we had a beautifully decorated nursery all ready for his arrival… I think I forgot they sleep in with you for the first 6 months.. so really what was the rush?!This time we waited .. perhaps a bit too long. The spare room was to be George’s room. It homed some built in furniture which we had inherited from the previous owners ( I added a lick of paint ) a single bed and some pale pink curtains… which just wont do for a baby boys nursery.

The walls were already off white which I was happy with and so I decided I would introduce some blue with these beautiful laura Ashley curtains to add a pop of colour to the room. I have to admit I never usually order ready made curtains as I have tried them before and they are always so thin and never hang right. I have been proven wrong with these however, they are so heavy, great quality and have a great thick blackout lining making the room pitch black at any time of the day. I pieced some of these Desenio childrens prints above the radiator cabinet to bring some fun to this corner too although keeping with the neutral themes.

The room already had cream carpets and so I wanted to bring some more blue tones into the room a bit more and this rug was just the piece I needed. I love the shades in it an the quality of it too.. its so durable, perfect for what it will withstand over the next few years no doubt! The largest of the walls in his room was filled with five different prints from Desenio , I love their prints and they had such a lovely selection for children’s rooms I was spoilt for choice but decided on some animals and moons and stars.

The built in furniture I talked about earlier had to stay. I would loved to rip it out and buy some beautiful furniture for that space but the budget and the husband wouldn’t allow that. So I decided to paint the cupboard knobs with a splash of blue and add some colour and fun to the shelves with some Laura Ashley wallpaper which totally transformed their look. One roll was more than enough and it was fairly easy to do.. I also added some pom pom garlands to break up the shelves that were from our Instagram friends alittlerayofcrochet and were made it contrasting colours to add a pop of fun .. I just love a good Pom Pom and Natasha makes an array of pom pom garlands, wall hangings as well as bespoke orders. Natasha also has the most beautiful Instagram page here.

This Ikea cot canopy was a little bland and all one colour so I decided to remove the plain linen trim it came with and add some a trim of laura Ashley blue gingam fabric which I think sets of this corner of his room. It had been a while since my sewing machine was put to use but I think I did an ok job.. just don’t inspect it too closely.

A beautiful bespoke George cushion made in matching laura Ashley blue gingham fabric completed the room which we got from Tupenny house designs, another small Instagram company that I have been friends with for a while now.


We recently got a tepee from LittleMeTeepee which the boys love and its great for when we are out in the garden on sunny days for a bit of shade for them. We get very few sunny days here in Northern Ireland so I thought George’s new nursery was the perfect home for it and it will be a lovely little den for him to play in once he starts crawling.

You can never have too much storage and I was delighted to come across a new brand called 3 Sprouts. It was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. I love their quirky fun designs and pops of colour they add to the room.  I use their storage caddy for essentials like nappys and wipes to keep them tidy and together and I also got one of their toy storage chests which I currently keep all his sleep suits and blankets but I’m sure that will be filled with plastic fantastic in a year or so.


I’m delighted with how Georges nursery has turned out and here’s hoping for lots of full nights sleep!


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  1. Joanna
    August 22, 2017 / 9:15 am

    Love it all! The shelves look fab with the wallpaper 🙂 xx

    • lauraann
      August 23, 2017 / 8:57 am

      Thank you Joanna xxx

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