Dining Room Florals

One of my favourite things to do is set the dining table… guilty pleasurenot so much but it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction when I’m having friends around and I get to dress the table. I’m an estate agent part time and so i get to see round lots of  different people’s homes regularly ( when I’m not on maternity leave )

There are a lot of similar Victorian houses in our area and I have gradually noticed that most people no longer use their dining room. Instead they use what would have been the dining room as a second reception room or play room for the kids… Such a shame . I know I might have that comment thrown back in my face someday when I can no longer tolerate standing on lego several times a day ( its fast approaching).. But until that day comes I’ll keep my dining room as it is .

I just love having a formal dining room even though it’s not used as much as I would like. Apart from peoples preference to use the second reception as a play room I also think people don’t really have dinner parties as much? It seems the culture is to eat out now rather than invite friends round.With young children we continue to invite friends round for a dinner party to avoid babysitter quests , and more importantly if I don’t keep using this dining room I’m terrified the inevitable will happen !

I like to mix my dining setting up every time to keep it interesting ( and also to photograph for Instagram .. Those of you who already follow me will know I just can’t help myself ). On this occasion as it’s summer I went for a bright floral theme with golds and blues . For a table cloth I ordered 3 metres of duck egg gingham fabric from Laura Ashley and it fits our 8 seater perfectly . I then added some of the beautiful seaspray fabric placemats which sat nicely on top.

I have a collection of vintage plates that I picked up In a local antiques shop and some gold cutlery we got given as a wedding present so they were next on the table and were a nice contract against the duck egg and blue hues. For wine glasses I went for these beautiful etched glass effect wine Josette glasses  which I though went well with the other vintage items . To match my gold cutlery I went for their gold effect butterfly salt pig and gold little bird butter dish.

I have a mixture of centre pieces I love to use and change about .. candelabras are usually my favourite for the centre but I decided to go for a vase of fresh flowers picked from the garden and this eloquent brass and mirror oval tray which I thought had a vintage feel to it .

I added a few more little vintage glass vases in different parts of the table along side a few little glass bird  tee light holders to make either side of the centre piece more inclusive of the floral simmer theme .

Finally I added a few more flowers ( for good measure) to the dining room sideboard and put some Hydrangeas from my garden in these Cox & Cox hand blow vases.


I just love the feeling of welcoming guests round to a beautifully set dining table and I hope you like mine on this occasion.. Do you have any tips on setting your table ? What’s your favourite centrepiece ?


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