Chelsea Flower show 2017

My Mum and I go to Chelsea Flower show every year, however this year was slightly different .. I had an 8 week old baby. Usually we would go for two days and one night so we took the gamble and booked a day trip this year instead . With my alarm set for 5am and having been up twice before that for night feeds, we set off to catcht our 6.55 am flight . With only one day in London we had an action packed schedule so thankfully there was no delay on our Flight ( that was the biggest fear ) and we arrived in London promptly that morning.

We left an empty suitcase in ‘left luggage ‘ in London Victoria which was later to be filled with all our shopping.. After all we couldn’t be seen dead shopping in Chelsea wheeling a suitcase after us !!

We made our way to Chelsea via Belgravia and stopped in the beautiful Peggy porshins cafe for a cupcake and a coffee , their floral displays never disappoint.

In Chelsea , every shop was ‘in bloom’ and the buzz was amazing , Quite a few shops run special promotions too . After walking and shopping the full length of kings road we headed to Liberty for another cup of coffee and some more shopping . Their fresh flowers at the front have the most fragrant smell and clusters of people congregate to photograph them.

We always take the tube everywhere when traveling in London , I think it’s so amazing and it baffles me how you can get from one place to another so quickly. At  8pm we arrived back in Victoria to collect our empty suitcase which was soon packed to the brim and we made our way to the airport for our 10pm flight back home .

The day went almost too smoothly until my Mum got caught trying to board the plane with a garden trawel she bought at the show … it didn’t make the flight unfortunately and still resides in the ‘restricted items’ bin in Gatwick.. the security guard didn’t seem to care that it was an ‘ Orla Keily’ one!! Funny that!! Until next year Chelsea.


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