Brunching & Lunching ( with Irwin’s artisan range)

It seems like artisan bread is the in’s popularity is rising and rising ( excuse the pun). Rightly so, not only is sourdough and seeded bread delicious , it’s also easier to digest, doesn’t bloat me and is low GI , meaning it keeps you fuller for longer.

I like to approach my diet in moderation and am really fascinated with nutrition. With a balanced diet in mind, I make healthy choices where possible and enjoy treats in moderation. Where possible I choose brown, seeded or sourdough bread over standard white bread in order to up my fibre intake and avoid blood sugar peaks.

Sourdough used to be a gourmet treat of mine. I first tried it at a very well-known Belfast brunch spot, and I was hooked straight away. Light and fluffy and yet filling without any bloating, what’s not to love?

Thankfully the fab team at Irwin’s Bakery has made our availability to fresh sourdough and seeded artisan breads a lot easier with its new artisan bread range, meaning you can pick it up in your local supermarket .  Light fluffy sandwiches and Insta worthy brunches are easier than ever to make in the comfort of your own home.

2012 marked the 100th year of the Irwin’s family business in Northern Ireland. It’s now in its fourth generation and headed by Brian (who I was lucky enough to meet last week) and his brother Niall. Their business has grown from its days of horse and cart delivery and they now export- branded products across the UK and Ireland and the new Artisan range proves they are keeping up with customers’ changing tastes and demands with this new range.

As a family we are big Irwin’s Nutty Krust and Barmbrack fans. I was so intrigued to get a guided tour of the premises in Portadown with the chairman Brian himself and I even got to bake some bread.

Produced using traditional methods on the ‘sole of the oven’, the hand moulded, slow-cooked bread is perfect for a weekend brunch, satisfying side for a soup, or as the star ingredient of a sandwich.

Sourdough and brunch goes hand in hand, so I decided to make some Sunday brunch …Poached heggs with toasted sourdough, spinach, avocado and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

Bertie likes to help in the kitchen and with the colder days we have been making quite a lot of soup recently ( Pumpkin soup of course…keeping it seasonal ) .. Rather than our usual soup accompaniment ( Irwin’s wheaten of course ) , we opted to try their new seeds and grains .. light , nutty with a bit of a bite  .. Bertie loved it and so did I ! 

It can also be the star ingredient of your sandwich too, If soup and buttered bread just isn’t quite enough for your lunch.

I can honestly say Its going to be a regular in our weekly shop, my only feedback is ‘make the loaves bigger’… as we can’t get enough!!

The Irwin’s Bakery Artisan range, which includes Irwin’s Sourdough (600g / RRP £1.25- £1.50) and Irwin’s Seeds & Grains (600g / RRP: £1.25- £1.50), is now available across NI in Tesco, Dunnes, Food Force Ireland, Mace, Nisa Spar, SuperValu and Sainsbury’s.


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