Baby essentials

Buy cheap..Buy twice. You know that old saying.

Well we bought a basic £34.99 bouncer from Mamas and Papas for George’s arrival. It was perfect, he loved it and served its purpose. But it’s from birth- 6 months. George is now 5 months and is trying to sit up in the boucer seat and due to the one and only positioning of the chair, it’s really dangerous, as he can sit up too far and flop forward unable to get himself back .

I have always been a big fan of the baby Bjorn carrier ( who isn’t ) so I had a lot of hope for this new bouncer seat they have launched. The bouncer bliss is an updated version of the classic bouncers from the 70’s and 80’s but with a soft and contemporary look and style that will fit your home.

The soft and natural rocking,  onletly powered by the baby means no batteries ( thank goodness ) . This encourages babies aerobic motion , as he rocks in response to his own movements.
Most importantly  baby is properly supported , the fabric seat mounds to babies body and head and neck.
There are three incline positions. Play, Rest & Sleep… and the sleep position does exactly that. George quite happily falls asleep in the Baby Bjorn Bouncer  and loves the natural motions to help him drift off. A few times he has woken a little early due to Bertie making a lot of noise but the gentle movements of the boucer, triggered by his startle help him resettle without being rocked or cuddled.

The chair is also extremely portable, it pops up and down and is light to carry. You may have noticed on my Instagram storied its even frequented a little trip to the hairdressers.

Overall George loves his Baby Bjorn bouncer and I’m confident that he is safe and secure in it, I just wish we had of invested sooner.


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