Gin is ‘IN’

Gin is most certainly ‘ In vogue’.. and I for one am thrilled.. It’s the only tipple I drink and I love that there are so many new distilleries and craft Gin’s to try.

Gordon Castle Gin is handcrafted from botanicals grown in their beautiful and picturesque Scottish walled garden…  As you know, I  love a walled garden and this one is simply stunning ( look here). Their premium gin is inspired by all the fruits, herbs and plants grown in their garden… One of the oldest and largest walled gardens in Britain might I add ( a whooping 8 acres)

The recipe is of course, a secret. But I have been told it has a total of 12 botanicals. Two of which are Lavender and mint, from none other than their walled garden of course. A floral , fresh, hand crafted gin… Yes please… I couldn’t wait to try it.

I don’t drink my Gin neat.. I prefer it with a good quality of tonic.

My husband on the other hand insists that this Gordon Castle Gin is so good it should be appreciated on its on with some fresh ice , in order to appreciate all the warming herb notes and floral hues.

On my first taste I opted to serve mine as they recommended:

  • Fill glass with ice
  • Pour desired amount of Gordon Castle Gin
  • Put in a good sprig of mint, fresh lemon and lime
  • Top up with Fever Tree tonic and stir once

My first impressions were its stunning floral smell and its unique refreshing taste. it immediately had me hooked. The mint and lavender come through with each sip and there is a touch of sweetness to the finish… so refreshing.

I am so in love with this Gin, its incredibly refreshing. There are so many new craft gins to explore and whether you take it neat with a dash of tonic or stirred into something more elaborate, I urge you to give Gordon Castle Gin a try.

I have yet to try it in a cocktail as I love the crisp taste and the floral palette and I’m worried adding it to an elaborate cocktail might ruin it. If you want to read more about Gordon Castle Gin click here. You can also browse their range of gin’s and Gin hampers, perfect for Christmas approaching… I hope Santa brings me some more.


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